WETASK, the state of the art concept

WETASK alies a service of collecting data and information in conjunction with a powerful HS documentation management platform available on cloud, on a revolutionary concept. WETASK combines in a single concept a SERVICE and a Product, wich frees up organization´s time and resources lost collecting, analyzing, validating and updating data and documentation of the company workers, suppliers, subcontractors, machinery and equipment, legally required. WETASK meets the Integrated Management Systems demands such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001/4397 among others.

Documentation request and collect

Of your organization and its suppliers

Analysis and Validation

By HS experts. According to legal requirements

Secure and always accessible

With notifications and expiracy alerts regarding your documentation


WETASK concept


We are a multidisciplinary team of Senior consultants


With more than a decade of experience in developing health and safety (HS) services, allied to computer engineering and programming, we develop the concept and brand WETASK ® - Operational Efficiency!



Technical know how; availability; Innovation; Thoroughness



Release companies from the responsibility and time wasted throughout all the documentation managment process



Creat added value in the documentantion management process.

We are responsible for the entire management documentation process, combining the Service of document collecting and validation

process with Technological Processes of real time availability and documentation update, with a user friendly OnCloud platform.

Imagem RWD01

 WETASK 21 The WETASK concept applied to construction sites



Allows employers, performers entities and subcontractors comply with effective, simple and OnCLoud discharge their obligations under the document registration of companies and workers as defined in Article 21 of DL No 273/2003


HS document management legally required:  

Of the organization and Subcontractors

Available on customized menus, with warnings, and expiration alerts

Construction site by construction site

Organizes the set of documents and records associated with specific projects

Machinery and Equipment

Documentary records in accordance with DL 50/2005 and Quality Management Systems ISO9001 and others.



PERCENTIL is a service provider company in the field of Environment, Healh & Safety, and Ergonomics, founded in 2004, following many years of experience in the market.


Environmental Management

Health & Safety


In industry, construction and services

  • Consulting, auditing and projects
  • Environmental monitoring in construction
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Management Systems Implementation (ISO 14001)
  • Legal compliance verification
  • Legal consulting

Percentil is an ACT authorized company

  • External H&S Services
  • H&S management in construction, industry and services
  • Consulting, auditing and projects in H&S
  • Management Systems Implementation and Auditing
  • Safety Coordination in Construction

Training in H&S and Environmental issues

  • Custom training 
  • Funded training 
  • Inter-company training 
  • Intra-company training 
  • Percentil’s clients exclusive training

 For more information visit www.percentil.com.pt


FAQ's – Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact us for additional information

Access to the WETASK software is only possible by holder of authenticated username and password, duly authorized.

Yes. There is a specific access for subcontractors where they can upload the requested documentation and verify their compliance status. This access is done by dedicated username and password.

Yes. It is possible to pair the documentation status information with access control systems.

Yes. WETASK® takes privacy very seriously, ensuring the confidentiality of personal data, striving throught technical and organizational measures, to comply with provisions of the Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parlament.

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